Informacion de la FEI sobre los Avances de la siguiente temporada

Dear National Federations,


Please be aware of the fact that new and updated 2019 Draft Schedules are now available on the FEI website to be used for international events next year.

Here are the direct links to the schedules for each discipline and the relevant contact details (email) should any further information and/or assistance be required.
Click here for Jumping
Person in charge : and/or            

Click here for Dressage
Person in charge:

Click here for Para-Equestrian Dressage
Person in charge:

Click here for Eventing
Person in charge:  and/or 
Click here for Driving
Person in charge:  
Click here for Endurance
Person in charge: and/or


NB: The draft schedules for Endurance international events 2019 may incur changes, pending the approval of the Endurance rules (effective 01.01.2019) by the FEI General Assembly in Bahrain, November 2018.

Click here for Vaulting
Person in charge for both disciplines:

Click here for Reining
Person in charge: 

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